What to look for in a rolling tobacco pouch

August 5th, 2010


Well, before I start, I’ll state the obvious. Of course, I do make and sell tobacco pouches, but this post is meant to be genuine advice for anyone who is looking into purchasing a rolling tobacco pouch.
At the end of the day, I am a rolling tobacco smoker too!

First, I would recommend you to look into your lifestyle.
What kind of work do you do? What do you do in your your spare time? What kind of clothing do you usually wear? Do you drive a car, ride a motorcycle?
Answering these simple questions, might get you on the way to realize the type of material your tobacco pouch should be made of, the size of it and any other features you might find useful.

If for instance you spend a lot of time out doors for work or pleasure, you might want your tobacco pouch to be in a material that is water proof and well resistant to the elements. The scope is to maintain the humidity level of your tobacco and to make sure you pouch doesn’t fall apart at the first spill of rain. I would personally advice on leather with an outer top finishing, not suede. Leather naturally repels water; it’s also easy to dry out in case it will get fully dump.

If you are smoking only while working on a computer, the pouch material might not be a very important aspect for you to pay attention to. On the other end, we do still drink coffee, and those cups do fall every now and then … unfortunately.

The other question you might want to ask yourself is, what brand of tobacco do you smoke and how is it sold? If the tobacco you prefer, comes in tins, you might want to opt for a pouch which has an internal silicon lining, so that you can fill it up whenever you like. On the other end you could also purchase a not lined pouch and insert a plastic bag or branded tobacco packet which will seal ones you’ll shut the pouch.

Tobacco packets, like Drum, Manila, Golden Virginia, Zig Zag and so on, come in different shapes and sizes. I would reckon the closest to the standard size is Drum, many tobacco brands usually come in the same size packets. If you are thinking of getting a not lined tobacco pouch, look for one that can fit your tobacco packet, but bare in mind that if you travel a lot you might not be able to find your favourite tobacco and you’ll have to opt for another that might come in a different packet size. Also, like I do, you might like to change tobacco flavour every now and then, therefore your tobacco pouch should allow for different sizes of tobacco packets.

From my experience, the most important feature is longevity. The tobacco pouch should last a long time and allow itself to get wet and bashed around. A large part of my customers, end up buying my crafted tobacco case after having gone through 2 or 3 cheap, sometimes made in China, type of pouches. Those pouches are inexpensive (usually 10$ or less) but, do not last! If you are new to roll-up smoking, my advice is to purchase one of those to learn what would suit you best, without spending much money, but do not expect to be able to use one of them longer than a few weeks.

A little news! If you spend much time in pubs and bars, the chances are you might end up loosing your tobacco pouch or worst it might get nicked/stolen. Well, not much we can do about it right? In a way I reckon the best way to avoid that is to first, make sure you pouch is pocket size and second, make sure your pouch looks quite unique and cannot be mistaken for a wallet or other. Personalize the pouch also helps and it’s kind of fun to hear the bar tender shout your name, looking for the owner of the pouch.

Anyway, this is my personal advice, in regards to buying a tobacco pouch. One last thing, please buy handmade, I am a big supporter of that. Let’s allow for artisans worldwide to carry out their work and be able to make a living from that, otherwise …. we’ll all end up looking the same, having the same things and keep on feeding the consumer machine every few weeks.

I have only outlined a few points in regards to what to look for in a rolling tobacco pouch. Please comments, I’d really like to hear what you think and if you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact me. And, of course, if you get a chance, check out my handmade leather tobacco pouches

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