Custom leather biker wallet – One more satisfied customer

September 17th, 2011

Handmade braided leather biker trucker wallet

One more custom job has won the like of a fully satisfied customer in Australia.
Matthew Gilbert from Victoria Point West in Queensland, purchased 2 custom leather wallets 2 weeks ago and just sent me the following message, which make me feel more than delighted, of course. If it wasn’t for this kind of comments, I am not sure I would still be doing what I do.

Hi Andrea,

I have received my package on 15 September with no problems. My first impression of your work was WOW!!! You are truly a gifted craftsman and I believe that your work far exceeds your description and photos on your listings.

Your stitching and lacing skills are by far the best I have seen, you simply cannot get custom leather work like this in Australia, I guess over here it is somewhat of a dying craft unfortunately, but what is good for you is that I have given you 5 stars all round on my feedback and I have saved your details as a seller and more than likely will purchase more of your work in the future. Also I know plenty of bikers and given their liking for custom made gear I will happily pass on the eBay details so they can get in contact with you if they wish. One question, do you think you could do that lacing around my wallets on the edges of a motorcycle vest??? That would look so cool and unique I think.

Take care and kind regards,

Matt Gilbert

I have sent Matt a reply of course but I’d like to make it public too. I can also make braided custom biker leather jackets; I have  only had a couple as custom jacket orders so far, I might post the pictures one of these days.

Take care  you all and please keep on send me feedback, it’s the gas that makes me ride this beautiful road of life.



Leather money clip wallets finally here!

December 10th, 2010

Credit card money clip wallets designed for comfort and style.
Credit card slots and inner pockets, allow ease of access as well as adequate storage for ids and driving licence.
Also, works great to store public transport magnetic cards (like the London Public Transport Oyster Card) and/or any other magnetic cards; no need to get the card out of your wallet, have it ready on the go.

The leather money clip wallet is made entirely by hand to the highest standards of Italian crafting.

The money clip wallet features 2 credit card slots, 2 side pockets and an high quality metal clip.
To further keep your notes in place, a leather flap nicely stops notes from moving about inside the leather money clip wallet.
The 2 side pockets, have been specifically designed in order for you to keep your magnetic cards in. No need to slide the cards out, it will work fine with public transport systems or other. The leather wallet side pocket can, of course, be used for documents or driving licence, too.

The slim money clip wallet can easily be kept in the pocket of your jeans as well as in your jacket pocket. The small size of the bi fold money clip wallet allows a very comfortable wear.

Leather money clip wallets

Further more, if you’d require one of more money clip wallets in a different dimension, colour or shape, simply get in touch and we’ll custom make your order to your specification.

Leather money clip wallet light brown Leather money clip wallet light brown
Leather money clip wallet green Leather money clip wallet green

A new product line – Leather chain wallets

September 10th, 2010

Chiwit Design handmade leather long wallets are unique looking, hand tooled, multifunctional, robust leather wallets designed to fit your lifestyle.
We craft the real leather biker chain wallets piece by piece using the finest cow hide which we paint to render a particular colour.
Our bi-fold genuine leather wallets feature a number of compartments to allow total comfort and security.

The leather wallets on a string can in sometimes be called leather biker wallets, because of the common use made by motorcycle riders especially custom bike riders in the U.S.A.
The style of leather wallets has also proven successful in many different circumstances and lifestyles. For instance I surely wear it while working in crafter markets, to keep the change handy and to make sure I wouldn’t leave the wallet on the table while talking to customers or while having a beer in a pub at closed business, it does happen!

Handmade leather long wallets with chain

Further more, if you happen to require an engraved leather wallet or custom leather wallet please do get in touch and I’ll custom make a leather long wallet for you.

Any comments? Please do let me know, I’d like for this product to go WILD!!!!

What to look for in a rolling tobacco pouch

August 5th, 2010

Well, before I start, I’ll state the obvious. Of course, I do make and sell tobacco pouches, but this post is meant to be genuine advice for anyone who is looking into purchasing a rolling tobacco pouch.
At the end of the day, I am a rolling tobacco smoker too!

First, I would recommend you to look into your lifestyle.
What kind of work do you do? What do you do in your your spare time? What kind of clothing do you usually wear? Do you drive a car, ride a motorcycle? Continue reading »

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