Backpack going to Derbyshire on a trike bike with Linda

September 18th, 2012

Very nice of you Linda, to have sent me a picture of you wearing a Chiwit Design backpack, I am really curious about our customers and about how they use our handmade leather bags and accessories, wouldn’t you be? To be able to retail our crafts online is great, we currently have customers, passionate about handmade crafts, in over 20 countries in the world, it’s a good feeling to be able to connect with individuals living in a totally different place, environment and society.

Having said that, I also sometimes miss the personal contact with my customers; Chiwit Design customers are of a special breed, they are unique people, that’s why they purchase unique handmade items; they are usually very funny and easy going just like we are; in some cases, even if just online, we become good friends with our customers; I actually used to say “Consider me your leather man friend” when I first started in the handmade leather crafting business; wouldn’t you want to have a leather crafter friend that you can call up anytime you might need some custom made bag or accessory? Well, many people do and we love to help!

Linda lives and rides in the UK, she’s received her backpack and this is the first message she’s sent me on receiving her brand new crafted rucksack:

“Hi Andrea, Hope you are well. I received my backpack today and just wanted to let you know that it’s absolutely gorgeous, thank you so much. I’m sure I’ll be asked about it when I use it and I will be recommending you, not only for the quality but the speed in which it arrived and of course your communications. Thanks again. Linda x”

I must say that if it wasn’t for this kind of comments I am not sure we would still be in business, we find them highly motivating and … we don’t do what we do to pay the mortgage.
I quickly replied to her asking for a picture, it’s not usual of me, in fact I have never done it, but Linda sounded really cool in the communication we’ve had and I felt like I could ask. And here is the picture with some more comments:

Chiwit Design backpack wear by Linda, picture taken at the campsite of a bike rally in Derbyshire


Hi Andrea,
Hope you are well.
Have used my backpack a few times now and have had a lot of nice comments about it. I’ve passed your details on, so I hope you get some orders.
I’ve enclosed a pic taken yesterday, of me sitting on my new trike..with pack, lol.
It was the trike’s first proper outing since I’ve had her converted from a bike. We both had a good time. (I’d owned her as a bike for 12 years and been riding for nearly 40 years). The pic was taken at a bike rally in Derbyshire.

Thanks again,

Linda x

Thank you Linda, I wasn’t really expecting such a cool trike bike, it’s really cool! I really hope you’ll keep on having a great time and thanks for referring us to others, we’d love to make more Chiwit Design Backpacks

Custom leather biker wallet – One more satisfied customer

September 17th, 2011

Handmade braided leather biker trucker wallet

One more custom job has won the like of a fully satisfied customer in Australia.
Matthew Gilbert from Victoria Point West in Queensland, purchased 2 custom leather wallets 2 weeks ago and just sent me the following message, which make me feel more than delighted, of course. If it wasn’t for this kind of comments, I am not sure I would still be doing what I do.

Hi Andrea,

I have received my package on 15 September with no problems. My first impression of your work was WOW!!! You are truly a gifted craftsman and I believe that your work far exceeds your description and photos on your listings.

Your stitching and lacing skills are by far the best I have seen, you simply cannot get custom leather work like this in Australia, I guess over here it is somewhat of a dying craft unfortunately, but what is good for you is that I have given you 5 stars all round on my feedback and I have saved your details as a seller and more than likely will purchase more of your work in the future. Also I know plenty of bikers and given their liking for custom made gear I will happily pass on the eBay details so they can get in contact with you if they wish. One question, do you think you could do that lacing around my wallets on the edges of a motorcycle vest??? That would look so cool and unique I think.

Take care and kind regards,

Matt Gilbert

I have sent Matt a reply of course but I’d like to make it public too. I can also make braided custom biker leather jackets; I have  only had a couple as custom jacket orders so far, I might post the pictures one of these days.

Take care  you all and please keep on send me feedback, it’s the gas that makes me ride this beautiful road of life.



The art of toting – The Chiwit Design leather tote bag

May 26th, 2011

Imagine going for a stroll to the centre of town … it’s a sunny spring day. The air is filled with fresh particles, overflowing your nostrils with the perfumes coming from the flower market. The sounds of shoes hitting the stone pavement, the market sellers shouting their offers, the coffee cups moving fast on coffee shops counters and again the inebriating smell of coffee being brewed. This is the feeling Chiwit Design customers are after. Purchasing one of our leather tote bags gets you one step closer to the moment. The style of traditional leather crafting melted into the market atmosphere, a seamless integration of passion and workmanship.

Our leather tote bags for women are uniquely crafted one by one for you to the finest Italian quality of materials and work.

If you would want a personalized tote bag, please do not hesitate to get in touch. We can custom make the leather bag of your dreams, click here to learn more about out custom leather bags service.

Would you want Vanessa leather tote bag handmade in a different leather colour? Do not hesitate to let us know; you can select amongst 6 leather finishing colours, the one as in the above picture, white and the following:

Leather colour - Black Leather colour - Dark brown Leather colour - Orange Leather colour - Deep Red Leather colour - Dark Green

Also, if you’d like to have the leather tote bag personalized with a specific tooled design, we’d be happy to help.


Visit Chiwit Design custom work page



Leather money clip wallets finally here!

December 10th, 2010

Credit card money clip wallets designed for comfort and style.
Credit card slots and inner pockets, allow ease of access as well as adequate storage for ids and driving licence.
Also, works great to store public transport magnetic cards (like the London Public Transport Oyster Card) and/or any other magnetic cards; no need to get the card out of your wallet, have it ready on the go.

The leather money clip wallet is made entirely by hand to the highest standards of Italian crafting.

The money clip wallet features 2 credit card slots, 2 side pockets and an high quality metal clip.
To further keep your notes in place, a leather flap nicely stops notes from moving about inside the leather money clip wallet.
The 2 side pockets, have been specifically designed in order for you to keep your magnetic cards in. No need to slide the cards out, it will work fine with public transport systems or other. The leather wallet side pocket can, of course, be used for documents or driving licence, too.

The slim money clip wallet can easily be kept in the pocket of your jeans as well as in your jacket pocket. The small size of the bi fold money clip wallet allows a very comfortable wear.

Leather money clip wallets

Further more, if you’d require one of more money clip wallets in a different dimension, colour or shape, simply get in touch and we’ll custom make your order to your specification.

Leather money clip wallet light brown Leather money clip wallet light brown
Leather money clip wallet green Leather money clip wallet green

Ronda – Custom leather bag – A collaboration success

August 30th, 2010

Ronda - Leather Cross body bagA few week ago, Ronda, a very sweet lady from USA, got in touch enquiring about our Custom Leather Bags service. She had a fabric cross body bag she really liked and wanted to know if it was possible for me to custom make a leather bag , just the same, that will allow her to keep her belonging dry if the bag would get wet. Leather, as the material, seemed to be the choice and I couldn’t agree more.

I answered I would have certainly liked to help and we started an email conversation in order for both to be able to come up with a defined specification for the custom leather bag. Ronda’s requirements where quite simple Continue reading »

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