Backpack going to Derbyshire on a trike bike with Linda

September 18th, 2012

Very nice of you Linda, to have sent me a picture of you wearing a Chiwit Design backpack, I am really curious about our customers and about how they use our handmade leather bags and accessories, wouldn’t you be? To be able to retail our crafts online is great, we currently have customers, passionate about handmade crafts, in over 20 countries in the world, it’s a good feeling to be able to connect with individuals living in a totally different place, environment and society.

Having said that, I also sometimes miss the personal contact with my customers; Chiwit Design customers are of a special breed, they are unique people, that’s why they purchase unique handmade items; they are usually very funny and easy going just like we are; in some cases, even if just online, we become good friends with our customers; I actually used to say “Consider me your leather man friend” when I first started in the handmade leather crafting business; wouldn’t you want to have a leather crafter friend that you can call up anytime you might need some custom made bag or accessory? Well, many people do and we love to help!

Linda lives and rides in the UK, she’s received her backpack and this is the first message she’s sent me on receiving her brand new crafted rucksack:

“Hi Andrea, Hope you are well. I received my backpack today and just wanted to let you know that it’s absolutely gorgeous, thank you so much. I’m sure I’ll be asked about it when I use it and I will be recommending you, not only for the quality but the speed in which it arrived and of course your communications. Thanks again. Linda x”

I must say that if it wasn’t for this kind of comments I am not sure we would still be in business, we find them highly motivating and … we don’t do what we do to pay the mortgage.
I quickly replied to her asking for a picture, it’s not usual of me, in fact I have never done it, but Linda sounded really cool in the communication we’ve had and I felt like I could ask. And here is the picture with some more comments:

Chiwit Design backpack wear by Linda, picture taken at the campsite of a bike rally in Derbyshire


Hi Andrea,
Hope you are well.
Have used my backpack a few times now and have had a lot of nice comments about it. I’ve passed your details on, so I hope you get some orders.
I’ve enclosed a pic taken yesterday, of me sitting on my new trike..with pack, lol.
It was the trike’s first proper outing since I’ve had her converted from a bike. We both had a good time. (I’d owned her as a bike for 12 years and been riding for nearly 40 years). The pic was taken at a bike rally in Derbyshire.

Thanks again,

Linda x

Thank you Linda, I wasn’t really expecting such a cool trike bike, it’s really cool! I really hope you’ll keep on having a great time and thanks for referring us to others, we’d love to make more Chiwit Design Backpacks

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