Ronda – Custom leather bag – A collaboration success

August 30th, 2010


Ronda - Leather Cross body bagA few week ago, Ronda, a very sweet lady from USA, got in touch enquiring about our Custom Leather Bags service. She had a fabric cross body bag she really liked and wanted to know if it was possible for me to custom make a leather bag , just the same, that will allow her to keep her belonging dry if the bag would get wet. Leather, as the material, seemed to be the choice and I couldn’t agree more.

I answered I would have certainly liked to help and we started an email conversation in order for both to be able to come up with a defined specification for the custom leather bag. Ronda’s requirements where quite simple, all she really needed was a replica of the fabric bag she’s used for years and she really liked to wear and use daily. My job was simply to understand the reasons why the old bag wouldn’t suffice any more, come up with a new improved design and manufacture a leather satchel  that will make her happy.

Working in direct contact with my customers is something I have always liked, nothing is more satisfying that making a leather bag for someone, to their requirements and knowing they will be proud to wear it and use it for many years to come. One of the aspect I most like is also to be able to fully understand the customer needs, design a prototype and deliver … must be my background in software engineering. Also, has to be mentioned that by having a direct contact with the clients always brings new challenges; the majority of my customers do not really know much about leather crafting, all they know is what they like, up to me to make it happen. That’s really gratifying in the sense that in order to really accomplish the required results, most of the times, I have to push the boundaries of my knowledge and come up with or learn new techniques. The job would be quite boring if it wasn’t for the enormous amount of learning involved. It’s about the daily challenges and result, that’s what it is for me at least.

Anyway, a few weeks later Ronda received her brand new leather bag and guess what she loved it … mission accomplished! The gratification of receiving an excellent feedback from an happy customer is something I guess I will never get used to, it’s a really nice emotion, quite addictive I must say.

Here is her comments:

Dear Andrea,
My handbag arrived today and it is absolutely gorgeous! I love it! It’s exactly what I wanted and turned out even better than I expected, and I’m thrilled. I will probably contact you again after the summer about making another bag, probably somewhat smaller, for when I carry less.
Let me know when you post it on your website so I can send people to the site when they compliment my handbag!
Thank you, Andrea, for making me such a beautiful bag.
Best regards,

Well, what can I say, I do what I do because I love it. Let me carry on with my work by allowing me to make your dream bag, it’s a win win situation.

If you want to know more about Chiwit Design – Custom leather bags and accessories service simply follow the link. I have put up some information about how to initiate the process and I will be adding more and more information as I am learning about your needs and requirements.

Oh, yes, if you have read these few paragraphs you might be curios by now, you can see the Ronda Bag by following the link. Also see below, the “before and after” images.

Ronda - Leather Cross body bag
Ronda - Leather Cross body bag
Ronda - Leather Cross body bag
Ronda - Leather Cross body bag
Ronda - Leather Cross body bag

Thanks for reading, any comments will be much appreciated.


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